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Can a business be closed for not complying w/ labor board decision?

If an empyoer in CA fails to pay his employee and a wage claim is filed, can the employer be shut down if he does not comply with the labor board's descision?


Posted: 4 years ago by: derek96 | 1 | Tags: government

1 Answer

'Can' means a lot of things, and different things in different places, and under different circumstances.The only possible answer to your question, as you put it, is 'It Depends'.If you're the 'employer', talk to your attorney. If you're the employee looking for some kind of 'threat' to make the boss pay up, WATCH YOURSELF! If a 'order' to pay has been issued, and you threaten or try to 'leverage' the employer directly YOU could be violating the law; and you might even find your actions invalidating the claim.HTH Source: http://www.abusinessmentor.com
Posted: 4 years ago by: dlyons

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