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Can one company have two EINs?

I am about to sign an Employee agreement but am having some trouble, I have my own accounts that I have brought with me , am currently doing and obtaining new ones. I am working to get enough money to payoff the person i work with. She owns the comany but we had a verabl agreement that the money I make from my accounts would be put towards the purchase price of the business. But the employee agreement says that i have to pay her %20 of my accounts to own them.Is there a way I can have my own side of the business, tax id etc and she has hers but use the same name? Thanks for your help


Posted: 4 years ago by: Robert Merritt | 1 | Tags: money and finance

1 Answer

You could not have two EIN's for the same business, but you certainly could operate two separate businesses and keep track of the sales in separate accounts to accomplish what you need to do. I would suggest you contact a CPA or qualified bookkeeper to assist you with setting this up.
Posted: 4 years ago by: Rivescpa