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How do I get samples made from my swim-wear designs?

wanted to manufacture a line of my designs but need some samples to show retailers first and then hoping to get enough orders to start manufacturing for stores and over the internet but first only need some samples made up , my designs need to be printed on the material for a start then i need a pattern maker to make the pattern for them and finaly someone to put them together any ideas where to start should I go to a big company to get samples made up or should I do a few desidgns individualy as to take the item to a fabric printer and then to pattern maker and then find a seamstress to put them together can you help me.


Posted: 4 years ago by: Helen Tsakaris | 1 | Tags: startup operations

1 Answer

There are a couple of ways for you to get samples of your designs made. One is to like you stated to find a seamstress and have the samples make your samples. Two you can send your designs along with the proper measurements to a manufacturer and have them produce the samples for you. There may or may not be a cost involved with a manufacturer developing your samples because in some cases they might make your samples for free to gain your business. In other cases, they may charge you a fee for developing your samples. However, if you allow them to produce your designs in their factory, they'll in most cases deduct the money, they charged you for making your samples from your production cost.It is pretty standard for a designer or sales rep to make an appointment with store owners or buyers to show them your design samples to generate orders. If they like what they see there is a good chance that they will write with you. Word to the wise, make sure your price points are where they should be. In addition, store owners and buyers love selling clothes that allow them to keystone plus two. Moreover, if they place an order with you know that is all they will be doing. Meaning they will not give you any money up front. You have to prove to them that you can and will deliver *ON TIME* before you can start asking for deposits. Therefore, all of your upfront manufacturing capital will have to come from your company. When it comes to printing on material, that is easier said than done. The reason being when a custom print is placed on material, there is a certain amount of fabric that has to be printed on in that process. This can be very costly for a new clothing company. Printing on material in addition to manufacturing the garments and shipping cost all add up. (Not to mention duties, depending on where you are having your garment made) Now you can find a few companies that will print your custom print design on material for sample purposes, but what would be the point if that's not the material your garments will be made of during final production. Now if you have the budget to do all the things you want the above said doesn't apply to you. This is what you can do to get around paying a high cost and have your garments made with printed material. Ask your manufacture to show you samples of their available printed material. Maybe even send them the print design that you had in mind and see if they have or can source a fabric mill for something close to it. Another thing you can do is have your designs made, and then have a sublimation print applied to your garments. This is almost the same as printed material but the order is in reverse. Your clothes are made and then the print is added.There are sample design houses that will make you samples for you, but keep in mind the keyword you used, BIG so expect to pay when you go to a sample house to hire them to make your samples. Additionally, I am not sure if they have minimums or not so you might want to check that out as well. A seamstress should be able to make your pattern for you. If they couldn't I highly recommend that you hire someone else. In addition, a manufacturer will more than likely not need your pattern. They will require your design sketch and garment specifications.
Posted: 4 years ago by: Fashion_guy

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