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How you calculate the number staff required for a given restaurant area?

I have a 2000 sq ft of restaurant floor area beside the kitchen . I was thinking of starting my own business. I would like to know that what will be the best number of covers to have and how many person i should hire to run the business. Is there any calculation


Posted: 4 years ago by: paulw1601 | 1 | Tags: management

1 Answer

Hi Paul,You don't calculate, you estimate.There is no 'certainty' in any part of your business plan until you have the doors open and you are ready to sell food. Until that point, or more accurately long after that point, you will simply not know how many people will be needed for staffing. Best way to start estimating is running several projections based on how many meals you guess will sell, at various times of day, based on your market research, your kitchen and menu capacities, your expected marketing results, etc. Start at traffic/sales levels that represent 'breakeven' as projected to be reached within 60 days, end at maximum capacity; then try to 'guess' where the happy medium lies.A 'safe' rule of thumb is base your projections on 30% of total capacity to start. If you find (happily) that is low, hire more people. If it is (sadly, and all too often realistically) high, look at splitting shifts, alternating shifts, or staff reductions. (You might also consider that keeping 'idle' hands for some period of time might be a good investment, they can always clean something to stay busy.) I prefer to overstaff front end, by about 15-20%. This makes service faster, and helps to keep the place clean.HTH Source: http://www.abusinessmentor.com
Posted: 4 years ago by: dlyons

What is the ratio of service staff required for a 300 chair five star rated restaurant? This will in clude BOH as well as no.of staff required to serve the chairs.? Max.no of kitchen types are to be considered.Experts from Hospitality field please advice.

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