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What ratios are short-term lenders interested in?


Posted: by: unknown | 1 | Tags: business accounting and bookkeeping

1 Answer

I would think liquidity ratios, cash flow, days in receivables, and inventory turns might be a part of their interests. Lender will check following - 1. Leverage (TOL/TNW & TD/TNW) - irrespective of the tenor/type of loan 2. Liquidity Ratio 3. Liquidity Ratios ( current Ratio, inventory turnover ratio, debtors & creditors turnover ratio) 4. Net Working capital - to assess working capital requirement 5. ISCR- Interest service coverage ratio to check capacity to repay interest (in case of CCor OD) 5 DSCR - Debt Service coverage ratio to check capacity to repay interest+ capital (in case of term loan)
by: unknown